Refactoring Data Transforms in MaTSE for Flexibility

This paper describes the refactoring of the Time-series Explorer (TSE) data transforms for them to be re-used in MaTSE. In early prototypes of the TSE data transforms were tightly coupled with visualisation components. While this allowed us to achieve our initial objective of developing the application to the level where we were able to demonstrate the basic visualisation technique with a specific dataset, refactoring to a more flexible code structure was required in order to apply a larger number of transforms and accommodate a wider variety of data-sets. This paper reports on our planning and execution of this refactoring exercise.

Craig, P., Kennedy, J. (2009). Refactoring Data Transforms in MaTSE for Flexibility. Paper presented at REVISE: Refactoring Visualization from Experience, VizWeek Workshop, Atlantic City, NJ.




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