Néna Roa Seïler

Nena 2015Néna Roa Seïler is a Professor and Researcher and co-founder of the Interactive Systems Research Group formerly at the UTM in Oaxaca Mexico. She is also being examined for a PhD at Edinburgh Napier entitled ‘Towards an emotionally intelligent interaction strategy for multimodal ECAs acting as Companions’ and holds an MSc Multimedia- Hypermedia from Télécom ParisTech (ENST) (1997) and an MSc in Design & Innovation from Université de Technologie de Compiègne (2006) in France. She has worked at the Cité des Sciences Museum in Paris, was Art Director of the Creative Studio of France Télécom R&D from 2000 to 2004, and a researcher on the EU funded Companions project from 2007 till 2010. Her research interests are Interaction Design, Emotion as Interaction, Evaluations of User’s Experience, and Embodied Conversational Agents.

<Curriculum Vitae>

Interactive Systems Group

In 2012 I founded the Interactive Systems group with Dr. Paul Craig to bring together different talents in Information Visualization and Interaction Design research.

<Interactive Systems Group – Research Review>

This is a promotional brochure I designed and printed with the SI research group to promote our work and let people know what we are doing. Coming from a design-research background, I’m very aware of the value of good marketing and the necessity to promote scientific research to a wider audience.

Design Portfolio

This shows some of my design oriented future technology work from France telecom.

<My portfolio>

nena2Examples of Student Work

Here are some student group projects that demonstrate the practical side of the courses I deliver. I always like to encourage my students to be creative and demonstrate their knowledge through project work that mirrors a real work environment. This includes things like working within a team and adhering to tight deadlines to develop something approximating a real product design.

<Medicine App>
<News Site>
<RedUTM (slides)>
<University Library System>
<Holiday App>
<Hotel Admin App>

Here’s some of my project student work.

<Autism Interaction Design Poster >
<Hermenegildo Interaction Design Project>
<Ariadna’s Interaction Design Masters thesis>
<Xico Design thesis presentation>


Finaly, my papers.

  1. Roa-Seïler, N., Craig, P., Aguilar, J. A., Saucedo, A. Benítez, Díaz, M. Martínez, & Rosano, F. Lara. (2014). Defining a child’s conceptualization of a virtual learning companion. In proceedings of International Technology, Education and Development Conference INTED, Valencia, Spain. ISBN: 978-84-616-8412-0
  2. Craig, P., Roa-Seïler, N., Díaz, M. Martínez, & Rosano, F. Lara. (2014). A Cognitonics Approach to Computer Supported Learning in the Mexican State of Oaxaca in Informatica an international Journal of Computing and Informatics, Print edition ISSN: 0350-5596, Web edition ISSN: 1854-3871
  3. Craig, P., Roa-Seïler, N., & Olvera A. (2014). Animated Geo-temporal Clusters for Exploratory Search in Event Data Document Collections. In proceedings of 18th International Conference Information Visualisation, Paris France.
  4. Craig, P., Roa-Seïler, N., Benítez Saucedo, A., Martínez Díaz, M., Castañeda Santos J. & Lara Rosano, F. (2014). Photo-realistic avatars to maintain teacher continuity and encourage student involvement in a blended learning environment. In proceedings of International EDULEARN14 (6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, ISBN:978-84-617-0557-3, ISSN: 2340-111
  5. Craig, P., Roa-Seïler, N., Díaz, M. Martínez, & Rosano, F. Lara. (2014). Evaluating the case for computer supported face to face collaborative learning to supplement traditional primary learning in the mexican state of Oaxaca. In proceedings of International Technology, Education and Development Conference INTED, Valencia, Spain. ISBN: 978-84-616-8412-0
  6. Craig P., Roa-Seïler N., (2013). A combined multidimensional scaling and hierarchical clustering view for the exploratory analysis of multidimensional data. In proceedings of Visualization and Data Analysis VDA, San Francisco, pp. 86540T-86540T
  7. Craig, P., Roa-Seïler, N., Lara Rosano, F., & Martínez Díaz, M. (2013). The role of embodied conversational agents in collaborative face to face computer supported learning games. In proceedings of the 26th International Conference on System Research, Informatics & Cybernetics, Baden Baden, Germany. Winner of the Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award.
  8. Craig, P., Roa-Seïler, N., Lara Rosano, F., & Martínez Díaz, M. (2013). Assessing the potential of collaborative video games to improve education in la Mixteca region of Mexico. In proceedings of third International Conference on Cognitonics, Slovenia.
  9. García Luna V., Moreno Rocha M., Roa Seïler N., and Craig P. (2012). Estrategia para la integración de diferencias transculturales en el diseño de una Interfaz Gráfica de Usuario (GUI) implementando Indicadores de Sociedad de Información (ISI) In Proceedings of MexIHC, Mexico City, Mexico, 2012.
  10. Martínez García, D., Craig, P., Roa-Seiler, N. and Benítez Saucedo, A., (2012). Validación de una estrategia de interacción de un agente corpóreo conversacional a través de la técnica del mago de Oz, In Proceedings of MexIHC, Mexico City, Mexico, 2012.
  11. Craig, P. & Roa-Seïler (2012). A Vertical Timeline Visualization for the Exploratory Analysis of Dialogue Data. Information Visualisation Conference Montpellier, France: 68 – 73. ISSN :  1550-6037 Print ISBN: 978-1-4673-2260-7.
  12. Craig, P., Roa-Seiler, N., Leplâtre, G., (2012). A Situated Cognition Aware Approach to the Design of Information Retrieval Systems for Geospatial Data. In Proceedings of the 30th European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics. ISBN: 978-1-4503-1786-3
  13. Roa-Seïler N., Benítez, (2010). Mi espejo virtual emocional, in Procedings MexIHC 2010, third workshop on Human-Computer Interaction of ACM SIGCHI / Paper 7, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
  14. Roa-Seïler N., Rodriguez Gancedo M.C.(2010). Samuela, el nacimiento de un ‘Companion’ in Proocedings MexIHC 2010, third workshop on Human-Computer Interaction of ACM SIGCHI / Paper 8, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
  15. Roa‐Seïler N., Adapting Kansei for the design of emotional interfaces. Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Creative Industries Conference (FECCI ) 2010, Edinburgh, May 2010.
  16. Roa-Sëiler, N. & Benítez Saucedo, A. (2010). Virtual mirror. In Proceedings of the 2010 international conference on The Interaction Design (Create’10), Oli Mival, John Bonner, Michael Smyth, and Shaleph O’Neill (Eds.). British Computer Society, Swinton, UK, UK, 74-75; ISSN 1477-9358
  17. López-Mencía, B., Pardo, D., Roa-Seïler, N., Hernández-Trapote Á., Luis Hernández, Mª Carmen Rodríguez (2010) . Look at me!: An emotion learning reinforcement tool for children with severe motor disability. Workshop on Multimodal Corpora: Advances in Capturing, Coding and Analyzing Multimodality. International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC) Malta.
  18. Roa‐Seïler N., Benyon D., (2010). Designing Companions with Kansei. In Proceedings of International Conference on Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research (KEER 2010), Paris, France.
  19. An Affective Channel for Companions poster, which was accepted and presented at European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition (FET) 2009 in Prague in April.
  20. Roa‐Seïler N., Benyon D., and Leplâtre G. (2009). An Affective Chanel for Electronic Proceedings Empathic Agents Workshop at AAMAS, Proc. of 8th Int. Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, Budapest, Hungary.
  21. Mival, O., O’Keefe, B., Bradley, J., Roa-Seïler, N. & Benyon, D. (2008). PHOTOPAL: Companionship, sharing and the Digital Echo. Proceedings Collocated Social Practices Surrounding Photos Workshop, Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, (CHI 2008) Florence, Italy.
  22. Roa-Seïler, N., Benyon, D., & Mival, O. (2008). An affective channel for Photopal. Proceedings 4th Workshop on Emotion in HCI of the Annual Human Computer Interaction Conference, Liverpool, United Kingdom.
  23. Roa-Seïler, N., Benyon, D. & Mival, O. (2007). Emotional Companions. Proceedings 3rd Workshop on Emotion in HCI of the Annual Human Computer Interaction Conference, Lancaster, United Kingdom.
  24. Roa-Seïler, N.,(2007). Companions, emotional interfaces for tomorrow. Proceeding of Peach Summer School, Santorini, Greece.

Book Chapter

Roa-Seïler, N., Craig, P., (2015), Empathetic Technology. Book Chapter in ‘Emotion and Technology Collection’ Elsevier Editors. Elsevier schedules this book for publication with a 2015 copyright date.

Paper under review

Roa-Seïler, N., Craig, P., Olvera A., Benítez Saucedo, A., Martínez, Díaz, M. & Rosano, F. Lara., (2014). Using Embodied Conversational Agents to Improve Collaboration in Co-located Multi-user Learning Environments in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.


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