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Combined Multidimensional Scaling and Hierarchical Clustering

Here we developed a novel information visualization technique that combines multidimensional scaling and hierarchical clustering to support the exploratory analysis…

Mexican History Browser

In our ECCE2012 paper “A Situated Cognition Aware Approach to the Design of Information Retrieval Systems for Geospatial Data” we describe…

Dialogue Explorer

The Dialogue Explorer is a novel vertical timeline information-visualization technique developed to support the analysis of human-computer dialogue data. The…

MaTSE: The Gene Expression Time-series Explorer

Existing techniques are found to be ill suited to finding patterns of changing activity over a limited interval of an…

Refactoring Data Transforms in MaTSE for Flexibility

This paper describes the refactoring of the Time-series Explorer (TSE) data transforms for them to be re-used in MaTSE. In…

Time-series Explorer
An unexpected pattern of temporal activity found using the Time-series Explorer

The Time-series Explorer is a novel information visualisation technique using animated views to support the exploratory analysis of microarray time-course…

TaxVis at Edinburgh Napier

This paper by Martin Graham, Jessie Kennedy and myself (mostly Martin and Jessie) describes some of the taxonomic visualisation work…

Concept Relationship Editor

The Concept Relationship Editor is an interactive visualisation tool designed to support the specification of relationships between hierarchical taxonomic classifications….